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Consulting Services

With over 30 years experience in computer projects, software products and systems, we believe we can help you get more from your computer. We will help you work more effectively and do things better to make your life easier. We don't claim to be experts on everything, but we've often 'been there and done that' so it won't be reinventing the wheel. And we make this promise, if we don't know how to do something, we'll inform you in advance and won't charge you for finding out something or 'learning on the job'*.

Call or email us and we can sit down with you to fully understand your problems and what you are trying to achieve and help you use your computer to its full potential.

Office Applications

Today's desktop computers and office software offer a vast range of features to make the administration of your business easier and more professional. With a little effort, we can help you set up your computer to help you do things quicker and more effectively and most importantly make your business project a professional image.

Word Processing

By defining templates for those day-to-day letters, envelopes, reports, work-orders etc. you can enable you and your staff to work faster and to a higher standard. You can also ensure that every document you send out looks good and has all the information that you want to impart and that your customers want to see.

Using tools such as the mail-merge you can send out individualised letters to all your customers in a fraction of the time it might normally take and you know that the correct information is being used each and every time. Set it up once and use it again and again.


It's been said that less than 10% of spreadsheets across the world are error free! We know how difficult it can sometimes be to set up a spreadsheet to do what you want but, with a little coaching, those day-to-day tasks can be quite straight forward and most importantly, the information you keep and send to others is accurate.

Spreadsheets can be used for a number of different things, as forms to enter information into a database, included in word processing documents as well as the most powerful calculator you've ever used! You can use them for stock control, order processing, and any number of different uses and of course, to do the accounts!

We can help you set them up with the correct formulae and, if necessary, write program code to do even more. Spreadsheets are one of the most powerful tools you have to help you run your business.


Apart from making sure your email is set up correctly, defining rules and configuring it properly will make your life a whole lot easier and allow you to concentrate on what's important to your business and ensure that those important emails from your customers and suppliers are prioritised and not lost amongst other less important messages.

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Information is one of the most valuable resources any business has, it ranges from simple client lists or product details to complex information referencing other information elsewhere. Storing information in a database allows information it to be validated as it is entered (ensuring it's accuracy), sorted into its relevant order, searchable in almost any way possible and most importantly up to date.

Databases offer business an opportunity to make record keeping fast, simple and accurate. How many times has information in different places not been kept up to date or sent out incorrectly because not all copies were updated? Databases ensure that the information is maintained in one place and used in many places.

Imagine a building and maintenance business storing records of work carried out by client, a fairly standard filing system. How would you go about finding all the jobs that a particular electrician had worked on in the last year? Read all the files and make a list - very time consuming and potentially inaccurate. With a database a simple search could provide the answer in seconds.

Building a database to meet your needs requires time to fully understand what information you already have and how you want to make best use of it. Again, we won't reinvent the wheel. If there is a template, sample database or something we've already produced that can be customised to your particular needs, we'll use it and save you money.

Examples of databases we've produced include;

  • Customer Contacts
  • Stock Control
  • Accounts Management
  • Product Details
  • Work Order Management
    and many more....
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Email Marketing

With the recent changes in legislation, sending unsolicited email can make you liable for prosecution; however, we can help you use existing data and target businesses with the information you want to get across.

Managing Email lists can be time consuming and difficult, but automating this process means that you never send out email to people who have asked not to receive it and therefore stay within the legislation.

Email marketing can be a very powerful tool but has to be set up and used properly.

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Security and Backup

Today's computer software offers you the chance to streamline and automate many of the day-to-day administrative tasks within your business, but the growing reliance on your computer systems means you have to address the issues of security and backup - there's little point computerising your systems if anyone can access them and make changes without your knowledge or if the system fails and your information has to be rebuilt from scratch.


Your computer systems have to be kept secure. Secure from unauthorised access/use, secure from Internet hackers and secure from virus attack. We can help you set up your systems to protect against any of the above, and define some simple procedures to ensure your systems stay protected. We've worked with many clients who thought they were secure enough, only to find that their everyday usage left them vulnerable to potential misuse or attack and that because they didn't follow the most basic of procedures, their systems were becoming more and more open to the threat of virus or Internet attack.


Often a legal requirement and, in any case, for your own peace of mind, your systems and data should be backed up and kept secure. Ensuring you have a method of backing up your very precious and important data means that you should never fall foul of the dreaded "I can't open the file" or "Files seems to be corrupt" errors that stop you working and potentially mean recreating large quantities of information.

Defining a storage hierarchy means that you know where your data is, which the latest copy is and what has been done since the last time you backed it up. Making data available to more than one computer also covers you against hardware failure.

Backup procedures don't have to be complicated; putting a CD in your briefcase before you leave in the evening might be the extent of it.

However, ensuring you have up to date copies of important data and that you know how to get it back and usable, could save you a great deal of time in the event of a failure.

We can review your current systems; recommend a backup and security strategy and implement systems and procedures.

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Computer Purchasing Decisions

There are nearly as many computer suppliers these days as there are features and facilities of computers themselves. Deciding what system and configuration best meets your needs has become more and more difficult as newer facilities and features become available.

Although we can provide systems for you, this is not our primary aim. We will work with you to decide on what software and hardware best suits your business needs and ensure you only buy the facilities and features that meet your requirements whilst designing in an element of future-proofing so you don't need to upgrade your systems every few months.

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Just a few examples of how we might help you be more efficient and use these powerful tools to their full potential.

For example, call us if you want help with;

  • Your customer database
  • Invoicing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Backing up and storing information
  • Or any day-to-day problem that you want help with.
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