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Not Just A Technology Company

HHH Consulting was established in 1998 to provide technical advice to Small and Medium sized businesses in the development of Office Applications, Internet technologies and multimedia resources. HHH Consulting has directors and associates who offer considerable experience at senior business management level in the public and private sectors.

Multimedia and Internet technology companies are being created faster than any other sector at anytime in our industrial history. However, many of these companies are led by highly skilled computer experts rather than by experienced public and private sector managers who are able to understand the needs of businesses and organisations and to be able to translate these needs into appropriate solutions.

HHH Consulting offers experience and expertise that addresses the needs of its customers rather than the next piece of technical wizardry. Whilst we’re not experts in everything, our years in IT at all levels, allow us to help you solve your problems, even if we do not have the instant solution.

How Can we Help?

Small and medium sized business need to use their chosen technologies to better support their business and deliver solutions at realistic costs. And with more and more people working from home, we can offer assistance in the office or at remote home offices.

Making best use of existing investments, using technologies to the full and ensuring new technologies integrate with existing tools and processes means a better return on these investments and less disruption to existing practices. Some recent area’s we’ve recently worked in include;


Office Services

Today's desktop computers and office software offer a vast range of features to make the administration of your business easier and more professional. With a little effort, we can help you set up your computer to help you do things quicker and more effectively and most importantly make your business project a professional image.

Document Processing
By defining templates for those day-to-day letters, envelopes, reports, work-orders etc. you can enable you and your staff to work faster and to a higher standard. You can also ensure that every document you send out looks good and has all the information that you want to impart and that your customers want to see.

It's been said that less than 10% of spreadsheets across the world are error free! We know how difficult it can sometimes be to set up a spreadsheet to do what you want but, with a little coaching, those day-to-day tasks can be quite straight forward and most importantly, the information you keep and send to others is accurate. We can help you set them up with the correct formulae and, if necessary, write program code to do even more. Spreadsheets are one of the most powerful tools you have to help you run your business.

Apart from making sure your email is set up correctly, defining rules and configuring it properly will make your life a whole lot easier and allow you to concentrate on what's important to your business and ensure that those important emails from your customers and suppliers are prioritised and not lost amongst other less important messages.


Information is one of the most valuable resources any business has, it ranges from simple client lists or product details to complex information referencing other information elsewhere. Storing information in a database allows information it to be validated as it is entered (ensuring it's accuracy), sorted into its relevant order, searchable in almost any way possible and most importantly up to date.

Databases offer business an opportunity to make record keeping fast, simple and accurate. How many times has information in different places not been kept up to date or sent out incorrectly because not all copies were updated? Databases ensure that the information is maintained in one place and used in many places.

Imagine a building and maintenance business storing records of work carried out by client, a fairly standard filing system. How would you go about finding all the jobs that a particular electrician had worked on in the last year? Read all the files and make a list - very time consuming and potentially inaccurate. With a database a simple search could provide the answer in seconds.

Building a database to meet your needs requires time to fully understand what information you already have and how you want to make best use of it. Again, we won't reinvent the wheel. If there is a template, sample database or something we've already produced that can be customised to your particular needs, we'll use it and save you money.


Cloud Migration

Digital transformation is the hot topic of 2021 and many organizations are aiming to streamline their current processes in order to move to a more digital workplace.

So, with more employees working from home than ever before, the emerging theme is all around company data; how can businesses access it from anywhere, at any time whilst maintaining security and efficiency?

Tools such as Teamviewer and other remote desktop sharing services add another layer of complexity and tie up both local and remote resources. Simply, businesses need to move their data to the cloud, and they need a platform to help.

Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 allows your employees to access company files away from the office without the need to set up VPNs, saving time and hassle. By moving to the cloud, your staff can work anywhere with only an internet connection required – great for progressive companies allowing flexible working and greater productivity!

We' have worked with companies to ensure their data is moved in a secure and timely manner and that the right people have access to the right data, and that business functions are not impeded during the migration.

Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management covers a large array of software solutions; from an individual’s digital file library or a photographer’s photo database to solutions that resemble enterprise content management.

Digital asset management toolsets today, have their core capabilities surrounding cloud storage, how assets are retrieved and how assets are shared. DAM enables creative workflow automation, archival and backups, usage tracking, e-commerce and more.

Implementing a solution is much more than installing a new software product. Integrating new procedures into existing working practices helps ensure all new assets are stored in the right place and with the relevant 'meta' data for better search and retrieval, and also to ensure the right people, teams, organisations and external clients have the right access.

Retrieving existing assets from desktops, USB devices, file servers and anywhere else your valuable assets are stored can be an overwhelming task. Local naming conventions, duplicates, copies etc, make this process difficult to scope as "how long is your bit of string?". We can work with your staff to gather these assets and assess the best approach and effort needed to bring this valuable resource under control.

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Do you need help overcoming the challenges of setting up a Small or Home Office (SOHO)?

To run your business smoothly, Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) business owners need to incorporate important, core digital competencies from the very first day. Here are somethings you can do when setting up your SOHO business operations..

  • Storing and sharing data in the cloud makes day-today operations more flexible and efficient
  • Collaboration tools increase employee productivity and efficiency
  • By automating many manual tasks you can focus on improving your products and services
  • Cloud-based phone systems eliminate prohibitive costs while making your office more connected and flexible
  • A good and fast broadband mobile plan ensures you can always address your customers’ needs anywhere